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Instead of a sales pitch, here is the experiences of Rahul, who took the Supply and Demand Course in 2021. See the Ultimate Supply and Demand Course THROUGH HIS EYES. 

You have 30 days to enroll, learn and if not happy ask for your money back.
I will let you test my strategy for 30 days and if you don't achieve better results, PLEASE ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK and keep the trading materials forever. Let this risk be on me!

What You Will Learn From This Course:

 You’ll not be told to look for a strict risk:reward ratio since some trades do return in EXCESS OF 1:30 risk:reward.

 Supply and Demand trading strategy rules that are so easy to follow that instantly eliminate your FOMO and FOLO issues you've been fighting with for so long

 The types of market traps that lead to major trend reversals and help you to find the MOST SATURATED SUPPLY AND DEMAND zones to buy low and sell high

 Step-by-step approach of how to develop a winning strategy to beat the markets by using Supply and Demand's UBU and DBU techniques

 Want to find high probability swing trades? Then you must pay attention to the 3 MAJOR FACTORS explained in the Supply and Demand course or suffer a false breakout

 How to enter a reversal BEFORE THE BIG PLAYERS JOIN the move (PURE PROP TRADING method)

 A less known FORMULAE that professional S&D traders use to find out when the market is about to pop (99% of retail traders don’t know this- I guarantee)

 Clear cut S&D ROADMAP to help you cut losses fast and let winners run for a very long time

 Many Live Trades to better visualise the way trades are taken

 And OF COURSE- all that comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

"The genuine 30-days money back guaranteed was what really convinced me to sign up and this was the best decision I have ever made. The trading course not only exceeded my expectations, but I made well over 30% for a very short period of time. Atanas has just reverse-engineered the true definition of Supply and Demand trading"
From The Ultimate Supply & Demand Course
Here is what is included in the IMPROVE YOUR TRADING RESULTS OR ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK package:


My step-by-step trading strategy


12-Month Dedicated email support line for your questions


Over 3 hours of trading videos

Weekly Analysis

Weekly trading setups


Over 150 pages of a trading manuals


1 Hour of Private Mentorship
Learn exactly how I trade with Supply and Demand zones to achieve 10x and higher on my trades. What are the pivot levels, should we take a bullish or bearish position, how to enter into new trades and how to manage risk properly to achieve higher than usual risk:reward ratios.


Let's LOOK INSIDE A Few Pages From The Supply and Demand Trading Manuals 

In this pattern we have the prices going up (U), then forming a base (B) and then going down (D). I will
call this the UBD setup. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 2, Page 17)

Below, there is an area where a lot of stops and limits are hit and that is what makes it so powerful. It is also an area of an equilibrium that attracts more interest than any other area in trading. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 2, Page 29)

I personally don't like using breakouts, because of their nature. They are easy to spot and that is one of the reasons why so many traders prefer to use them. Being over-used is also one reason why they are not as efficient as some traders like to portray them to be. Hence, I came to the realisation (through bad experience initially) that trading the UBU and UDB patterns are a much better way to enter in a high risk:reward trades. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 3, Page 5)

At this place, a lot of traders that were long are reaching their targets (a major resistance level) and are exiting positions. Secondly, a lot of the other traders that were waiting for the price to reach the resistance level are entering in short trades. The cumulative effect of long traders exiting (closing) their long trades and of traders shorting the trading instrument at this level is so strong that it pushes the prices aggressively lower and you can see from this example. This gives you a brilliant trading opportunity. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 3, Page 18)

The stronger the supply level, the faster and longer the move will be. In the 3 examples above, you might see the 3 types of supply zones-"Strong", "Medium" and "Weak". (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 4, Page 3)

The lower timeframes do give more information, but I do tend to start my analysis from the higher timeframes. This has proven to protect the account from the casual daily swings and put emphasis on a few but reliable trades. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 4, Page 24)

The IBM stock is an example of that. After price falls below the demand zone and after the first sign of a reversal (bullish
engulfing), you can see crowds of buyers pushing the price higher to where it is currently trading- almost 30% appreciation in value. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 4, Page 30)

I must say that if I am using just the 4 hour time frame, I might end up in quite a few losing positions. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 5, Page 11)

This example is another proof that Supply and demand trading can be applied to various trading instruments including futures, too. There is a strong supply zone, which was tested on numerous occasions and form the 4H chart you can see how you could have better timed your entries. (Supply and Demand Trading Manual 5, Page 29)

Go inside my Supply and Demand Course Video Content

4 Stages Of Market Dynamics

Advanced Stop-Loss Techniques

The Supply&Demand Formula

Risk:Reward Optimisation

New Money Management Model

The Zone-Catcher

Inner Circle Members
Here are a couple of profitable stories from Alexander and Jan. They were amongst the first to join this course in early 2018 and here is their performance and feedback below.

"My performance has never been more consistent!"

"It's nice to witness someone that has put it all together and accomplished what very few will ever achieve."

GENTLE REMINDER: Learn My Method AND If In 30 Days Your Trading Results Do Not Improve Ask For Your Money Back!

You’ll not be told to follow blindly a trading system because we know that this is not why profitable traders are profitable.

You’ll not be told to look for a strict risk:reward ratio since some trades do make in excess of 1:30 risk:reward.

You’ll not be told to use only one specific pattern, because markets are evolving and as such we need to use a flexible trading system that is made to quickly adjust to the ever-evolving nature of markets.


This Supply and Demand Trading Strategy is a trading method that teaches you how to read the supply and demand zones like the BIG MARKET PLAYERS and adapt the right trading strategy for even when the markets are not acting as expected.

Using the supply and demand material will help you improve the timing of your entries, exits, and market turning points. As you will see, I am not relying on indicators or news. 


Because profitable trading must be simple. Remove distractions and stick to only what works best. 

And once you’ve gone over the Supply and Demand Course, you’ll be able to spot less obvious trading opportunities like the ones I have shared with you in the live trading examples. 

If not, just ask for your money back, keep the files and MOVE ON! No hard feelings, it's just business and what a business!

"I feel sure and certain that this simple strategy will maximise your ROI and reduce your losses with his money management. " - Phillip K.

"It's not the method, it's the MENTOR." -Marco C.

"I can finally see all those efforts materialise into profitable trading." -Fanny C.

"Love it, love it, love it..." -Chandra W.


Cancel Anytime. 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed.

 Lifetime Access To The Supply And Demand Trading Course ($497 Value)

 One Private Trading Consultation With Atanas ($499 Value)

  12 Months Ongoing Email Trading Support ($1308 Value)

  Live Trading Examples (INVALUABLE)


IMPORTANT: Please Do Me This Favour And Ask Any of the 100+ Members Of My Private Trading Group For Their Feedback On These Or Any Of The Other Trades. Just Email Me And I Will Give You Free Weekly Pass, So You Can Do That

Long Dow Jones Trade Taken In The Trading Room In Live Environment. This Trade Achieved 1:5 R/R Ratio

Long Gold Trade Taken In The Trading Room In Live Environment. The Trade Achieved 1:9 R/R Ratio When Closed. *This Screenshot Was Taken When Stop Loss Was Trailing The Price

Long EURUSD Trade Taken In The Trading Room In Live Environment. The Trade Achieved Over 1:13 R/R Ratio When Closed As You Can See From The Encircled Area. *This Screenshot Was Taken When Stop Loss Was Trailing The Price

Short Dow Jones Trade Taken In The Trading Room In Live Environment. 


My Twitter Handle is @priceinaction


Being endorsed by The Trading Legends followed by over 700,000 traders means the world to me!

We've packed a lot into The Ultimate Supply and Demand Course, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 30 days to let it digest, integrate it into your trading activities, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire course, do the hard work and if it does not work for you I will refund your money. BUT, you will NEED to show me that you did the HARD WORK. 

It's simple: Join the program and try it for yourself. If our Ultimate Supply and Demand course doesn't help you improve your trading results within 30 days, I want you to email me. Show me you did the grunt work, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you.

Bottom line: The Ultimate Supply and Demand Course will show you how to read and trade with supply and demand. And it's 100% risk-free.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

 Lifetime Access To The Supply And Demand Trading Course ($497 Value)

 One Private Trading Consultation With Atanas ($499 Value)

  12 Months Ongoing Email Trading Support ($1308 Value)

  Live Trading Examples (INVALUABLE)

You Know You Want To Become A Profitable Trader But You Still Have Some Questions...

Q: Why do you give clients 30 days money back option?

A: I feel like the name of the trading mentor is losing its prestige, because of the large number of unscrupulous "trading gurus" out there. I feel that it should be down to the client to decide if the service provided is as advertised. That is why I believe that a money back guaranteed should always be given if you genuinely believe in your service. Now it is all in your hands. Again, if my trading strategy does not improve your trading in the next 30 days, please ask for your money back and keep the trading materials. But I will ask you to show me the proof you've put in the HARD WORK.

Q: How much support will I receive during the trading course?

A: As much as you need! I have never left anyone out and if there is one thing I pride myself with that is my unstoppable desire to help other traders. I have even included a free private mentoring session with this course and topped this up with a 12-month trading support line. 

Q: Is the course for beginner or advanced traders?

A: It will suit both beginner and advanced traders. I am not spending a lot of time explaining the basics, although I do cover some of them. I use a lot of examples and the course will suit someone who wants to start trading using supply and demand zones.

Q: Do I need any experience at all?

A: All you need is the desire to learn and an internet connection! I will provide you with the rest step-by-step.

Q: Are there any other hidden costs?

A: NONE! There are absolutely no extra costs or recurring charges.

Q: How much time I need? 

A: Although I would like to have a direct answer to this question, I don’t. It is different from one student to another. It also depends on how much time you are willing to put in studying. The good news is that once you learn my strategy, you won’t need to spend a lot of time in trading. In fact, a lot of my students have a regular day job and they trade in their free time.

Q: What makes your trading course different than others?

A: If I were to put two things down, that would be: 1) first my dedication to my students and 2) the personal experience you will receive first hand from a trader who has over a decade long experience and who has traded for two of the leading prop trading houses in London.

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